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Last One Standing  Documentary

During the early 70’s Adelina Fargas came to

New York escaping tough times in

Puerto Rico and found a home amongst

her brothers and sisters in what was

baptized by the locals as Loisaida,

The Lower East Side, and not only survived

but thrived. For 36 years fought discrimination

and gentrification, becoming a mother figure

to the residents of Loisaida. Today Casa Adela,

is considered to be a landmark, a survivor of that era… 

The Last One Standing. 


Through The Lens- Documentary

Born in 1943 in Berlin, Germany, Marlis has lived in Loisaida since 1975. Her photographs document the struggle of the mostly Puerto Rican people living in that part of Manhattan. Her B&W and Color Photographs have been used to illustrate national and international publications on political and cultural topics such as: gentrification, urban development, slum lords/arson for profit, squatting, affordable housing/homesteading, cultural identity, education, the arts, drugs and urban crime. 

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Leo is a lonely man on the verge of giving up on life. Until one day a new neighbor brings hope, and he discovers that finding the right words might not be as easy as it seems.
It does not matter whether you're eighteen or eighty- one, when you feel those butterflies, you will be a kid again... And when this happens, it would indeed be a happy day!

Official Selection


   Film Festival


Official Selection


   Film Festival


  Best Short Film

       2nd Place


     Film Festival


   Official Selection

New Filmmakkers NY

      Film Festival


Oh Happy Day


MACHISTA- The Male Chauvinist

A comedy about a male chauvinist in his effort to conquer

  a strong modern woman.

El Tumbe- The Heist



Greco Cardona thought he was done with his past, the problem was his past was not done with him...
A prominent musician from New York leaves everything behind and disappears without a trace but following the murder of a past lover and consequently discovering a well kept secret, Greco returns to 'el barrio' seeking the help of his old partner to confront the man behind the crime. Cardona plays once more to save his soul...

OBE - the Out of Body Experiment  

                                                                                                      web series    2015


No one knows much about their past, the origins of the two brothers it still a mystery, but the fact is that their advanced ability to detach from their physical bodies has the potential to catapult forward a secret experiment twenty years in the making. Now, after years of studies the brothers plus one of the scientists they have trained get ready to attempt their longest jump. 

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